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Why are we not surprised that stress and infertility go together, seeing that stress is a killer in so many areas of life? It can cause tension at work between colleagues when someone is uptight or in the home with your loved one. Surely totally stressed out people are not in control of their lives, and certainly are not enjoying the days that they are gifted with.
An interesting article in this week’s Courier Mail, a daily paper in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, summed it up when they printed
“Stressed women take longer to conceive and are at an increased risk of infertility.
A landmark US study published in the international ‘Human Reproduction’ journal is the first in the world to find an association between stress and infertility.
The study authors – who tracked hundreds of couples for 12 months as they tried to conceive – said they didn’t want to make hard-working women feel guilty if they were struggling to become pregnant.stressed lady 2

However they said the findings did suggest that women trying to conceive should reduce their stress levels through practices such as yoga and meditation if they were still struggling after six months.

Stress and Infertility as Explained by

Dr Molloy.

Queensland Fertility Group medical director Dr David Molloy said while the study showed a link between stress and infertility, it was unclear whether infertility caused stress or the other way around.

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A failure to become pregnant did raise women’s stress levels but it was just one factor, he said.

Dr Molloy said women worried that their long hours and demanding jobs were contributing to their infertility would not necessarily be better off if they quit work.

He supported calls by the study’s authors to engage in yoga and meditation.”

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