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Everyday Food May Be Keeping You From Becoming Pregnant.

  • Some Food Which May Harm Sperm

 A man who eats bacon – could that be just one more reason why women are finding it difficult to become pregnant? New study says that bacon isn’t just unhealthy for your heart but eating just one piece of bacon daily can be detrimental to the fertility of a man. Researchers found that men who ate processed meat, like bacon, on a regular basis had notably reduced amounts of normal sperm. In addition to bacon, meats like hamburgers, sausages, mince and ham also had a negative impact.

On average, men who ate less than one piece of bacon a day had at least 30 percent more regular sperm as opposed to those who ate larger quantities of processed meats.

Each of the participants were questioned about their diet as it related to chicken, fish, beef and processed meat. The findings suggested that the men who consumed more than a half portion of bacon daily had significantly less “normal” sperm as opposed to those that didn’t.

While it is true that a healthy diet can improve fertility in males, it’s not clear whether or not specific foods can cause deterioration in the quality of sperm.

Fresh Food Is Always Best For Fertilityfruit and veges 2

The relationship between men’s fertility and diet is definitely interesting, as there is evidence that men who eat more fresh vegetables and fruit have a better sperm quality than those who don’t, but not as much is known about those with poor diets.

Unfortunately bacon, even outside of the negative effect it has on sperm, doesn’t have a lot of good nutritional value but it’s not all bad because it does have choline; which is good for the brain and has some monounsaturated fatty acids, which are also good for you.

More studies on this subject may be done in the future on a larger scale.

The study on whether or not bacon is the new birth control was presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s 2013 Annual Meeting in Boston.