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From the Office of Research on Women’s Health

Here is a reprint of an article from the above magazine on Women’s Health…….

Infertility is the term health care providers use for women and men who are unable to get pregnant after at least 1 year of trying. Women who are able to get pregnant but who cannot carry a pregnancy to term (birth) may also be considered infertile.

Infertility is a complex problem–it does not have a single cause because getting pregnant is a multi-step chain of events.

The cause of infertility can rest in the woman or the man, or can be from unknown factors or a combination of factors.

A woman’s risk for infertility can also be affected by certain lifestyle and environmental factors, including:

Advancing age.baby 1
Poor diet.
Being overweight or underweight.
Smoking, drugs, and alcohol.
Environmental toxins.
Genetic conditions, such as being a carrier of Fragile X syndrome.
Other health problems, such as sexually transmitted infections.
Like female infertility, male infertility can result from physical problems, such as testes that do not make enough normal sperm or hormonal problems. Lifestyle or environmental factors also can cause infertility.

Examples of these factors include (but are not limited to) age, stress, and exposing the testes to high temperatures, which can affect the ability of the sperm to move and to fertilize an egg.

Most often, health care providers treat infertility with medication or surgical repair of the reproductive organs, artificial insemination, or in vitro fertilization.

A woman’s ovaries must be able to release a viable egg, which then must be able to travel down the fallopian tube.
The man must be able to ejaculate, and his sperm must be able to travel to the fallopian tube.
The sperm and egg must unite to fertilize the egg.
The fertilized egg must attach (or implant) to the inside of a receptive uterus and be nurtured by the body to allow the fetus to develop and grow until it is ready for birth.

I Need An Infertility Cure !!!

Around the world infertility in couples seem to be more and more widespread, and increasingly people are searching for answers and crying out in despair – I NEED AN INFERTILITY CURE!!!

It seems amazing that something so natural to happen to our beautiful, but sometimes complex bodies, can be so difficult to achieve, and needing an infertility cure.


infertility cure

Where is my cure!!!

One of the reasons that we have been put on planet earth is to procreate but it can be a huge trial for some loving couples, however, today there are excellent pregnancy miracle books available.

To give birth to your very own baby is a dream that is put on hold for many people until they find the keys to unlock this very complex and somewhat perplexing need for an infertility cure.

Some wise person has said that there is an answer for any problem that may arise in life, and having said that, we hope this is the case for you both as you peruse an infertility cure.

cures for infertility


Thanks to the progress in medicine and science today there are cures for infertility in women, and it is realized that many factors can play a part in not becoming pregnant, such as your life style, the type of food you eat, and also the intake of certain drugs which you may have taken in the past, seemingly innocent at the time.

The Importance Of Your Diet

When You Need An Infertility Cure

A natural holistic female infertility cure diet for those trying to get pregnant has been found to be more reliable, and have no side-effects as well as being the most inexpensive, and put you in the best of health that you have possibly ever been in. What a bonus!!

Here is a list of 5 things which you may like to consider and compare with what you do now.

1. Consuming whole grains:- Increasing your intake of complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads, oatmeal, brown rice and stone-ground cornmeal, which will in turn contribute in part to an infertility cure diet, but on the flip side it is important not to eat refined carbohydrates such as white bread and anything made from white flour, as they will increase the sugar and insulin levels in your blood. Try to aim for 5-7 servings daily of whole grains which is beneficial for your health and waistline.

2. Taking folic acid:- For a long time women having been taking this supplement when they are pregnant for helping to prevent spina bifida in the baby, but now it is recognized in helping conception as well, as research showed that women who consumed the correct amount of folic acid every day had 40% lower trouble in producing eggs, which is one of the main causes of infertility in women.

3. Basal body temperature:- Which is the lowest temperature achieved by the body while sleeping or resting. Ovulation causes the rise in the basal body temperature in women and is an indication that an egg is about to be released, and by monitoring this rise one can effectively determine ovulation day. Check your body temperature on awaking, keep a record as well as getting an ovulation test to determine the most fertile time each month.

4. Medications:- Certain medicines can cause a blockage of the prostaglandin hormone. Even the simple asprin can be a problem.

5. Vegetable Oils:- Naturally occurring vegetable oils which are rich in vitamin E work best in an infertility cure diet for women, but stay clear of cotton seed oil.

 The thrill of finding an answer to the female infertility cure riddle


While it is not easy to find an infertility treatment that will work the best for yourself, by using some if not all of the above it will surely be a start in the right direction of bringing your much wanted baby into your welcoming arms.

The outcome of over 15 years study in a holistic female infertility cure diet for women trying to conceive has resulted in many thousands of women conceiving their babies naturally, and this is just a small taste of the information gleaned from the medical community.

In closing why not start with looking at maybe a different way of eating, and uncovering the many incredible and helpful ways which have been written about in the books included in this blog.

So take the bull by the horns, so to speak and click on the book or links above to open up the pathway to your infertility cure, and read about how you too can be called a “MUM”

With loving wishes….infertility cure


Trying To Conceive And Find The Causes Of Infertility

causes of infertility

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There are so many unknown causes of  infertility and other factors that can lead to a problem in one woman and not in another, and sorting through the minefield can be quite an undertaking in itself.

As the female body is designed to conceive and bear children, it should be the most natural thing in the world for everyone, but it seems that is not so, as down through the ages women have been unable to conceive.

Some women, Sarah for one, who have been written about in the Bible, are said to have been “barren” which was a terrible curse back then.

Diabetes can be one of the conditions in the causes of infertility in both men and women, and a young woman with diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, usually start their periods a little later in age than her girlfriend who doesn’t suffer from diabetes, and conversely, women with diabetes tend to go through menopause at an earlier age, leaving a smaller window of opportunity to become pregnant.

causes of infertilityInsulin is also a hormone, so when you have diabetes, or any form of insulin resistance, you have a hormone imbalance, so then when one single hormone is out of balance, it can trigger a domino-like effect with the rest of your hormones, which includes your bodies estrogen,  progesterone, and testosterone levels, therefore these hormonal imbalances can cause a wide variety of side effects, ranging from ovarian cysts to erectile dysfunction and infertility.

The good thing about then and now is that maybe we have more facilities to find cures and there are excellent pregnancy miracle review books readily available.

As all women are unique, and not physically alike, there are bound to be certain changes occurring in one woman’s body during which one woman may get pregnant, whilst the other may not.

Having said all that, there are a few simple ways and methods, if you are looking to treat the causes of infertility in your body.

Learning to know your own body and how it works will be a big step in your keys to unlocking your dream :-
1. You need to keep a chart showing your menstrual cycle, and work out the days that you are ovulating.
2. Something that is patiently obvious…. having unprotected sex while ovulating as these will be the most fertile days of the month.
3. And last but not least stop taking any oral contraceptive tablets. It may take three months or three menstrual cycles for your body to adjust and deal with the hormonal change, but also it can have the opposite affect and make you very fertile. Relax.

An Important Factor

In The Causes Of Infertility.

To exercise and be a good weight is a great start to the process of overcoming the causes of infertility, and this will help to keep you mentally at peace, which is really important.

Just having a walk each day, enjoying the beautiful things in gardens or sky is so pleasurable.

Saying hello to grumpy faces as they pass you by and give them a smile, maybe the first one they have seen today, usually they will smile back.

Try to move yourself at least three times each week, and make sure that you have a good balanced meal each day as a fertility diet.

If you are unhappy or stressed this can work against you, so try meditating on good positive things in your life, and give thanks for what you DO have, not what you DON’T have at present.

Multi vitamins can help and folic acid can help with your hormones, but seek advice on this area.
Make sure your partner has a good sperm count, as that can be one of the causes of infertility when trying to get pregnant.

You may also consider being artificially inseminated at a clinic under medical supervision.

So Many Aspects Contribute To The Causes Of Infertility

The missionary position for sexual intercourse is the most desirable way, as it helps the sperm swim towards the fallopian tubes, and it is important not to get up straight away, and if possible keep your legs up and help gravity to assist the sperm swimming towards their desired destination.

Put some pillows under your legs, and continue watching television, reading or just relaxing after your love making and hopefully baby making.

Failing to get pregnant the first few times is not unnatural when you are seriously trying, so don’t get despondent about it, but just continue to enjoy the time you both have together, as your world will never be the same again once your baby comes, and never will there be just the two of you throughout your lifetime again.

Stay on the course, be positive, as there is so much help available and you should be able to find the causes of infertility with holistic pregnancy miracle cure books, and choose which one will benefit your particular body.

So click on the books or links provided and download the one which appeals to you the most, regarding the causes of infertility, and don’t waste another day, start reading and changing your life……forever.!!!!

Bless you as you enjoy each other along the way.

The Facts About The Causes Of Infertility!

causes of infertility

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It would seem that along with a lot of other problems and diseases that are on the march in our countries, the causes of infertility are growing also and trying to conceive is a big issue for lots of loving married couples all around the world today.

In the year of 2000 one in ten couples who were trying to become pregnant were declared infertile, and now we have reached and passed that date by many years, and the figures are at a staggering (to me anyhow), one in six couples, and soon if the trend continues it could be as high as one in three, imagine that!!

If after 12 months of unprotected intercourse a baby is not on the way, infertility would be assumed.

In most countries, couples are able to get help for their causes of infertility, or lack of success when trying to conceive with assistance in the form of IVF under the Public Health System.

Basic knowledge on the causes of infertility.

There are also many good publications about natural infertility treatment that may be extremely helpful, and certainly worth exploring.

So is this a good thing or not?

Well one would have to think that it certainly appeals to many couples by looking at how many people ( and how many folk do you know, or know of ) who have gone down this path.

If you are over 35 years of age, have been living a good healthy lifestyle and been having intercourse at the right time each month with no success, well surely you are ready for some help.

It is also helpful to combine the medical intervention with natural means, acupuncture, and naturopathy, to help the body to function how it is meant to.


causes of infertilityOn the other side of the story, it would seem that IVF has become almost too readily available for some couples, ie some who are a bit ignorant of their bodies, and lack knowledge about falling pregnant.

I would believe that basic education is needed and has not been offered to some couples about the availability of pregnancy miracle books and natural infertility treatment to begin with to explain the causes of infertility.

Apparently many couples are turning up at IVF clinics, and really all they need is information on where and when women are fertile during their menstrual cycle, seems amazing that in this day and age women can be ignorant as was the case 50 years ago, when ‘things’ of that nature were not even spoken about, and half of the time I had to wonder if mothers themselves even knew too much about how the body works, and how they even really became pregnant, getting very unhelpful information from them that you could get pregnant off the toilet seat. I know that my introduction was very sketchy, with a “Talk to Girls” program at school one night. The boys had a different night, (would imagine the Mums were happy at that one)

It was reported that in Melbourne at two IVF clinics a study found that only 13% of women had a good understanding of when they were fertile in their cycle, while an amazing 53% had a poor understanding and 11% had no understanding at all, which meant that their causes of infertility was in some cases just due to basic knowledge of their bodies.

Knowing your body better and eliminating some of the causes of infertility.

Day 1 of your cycle is the first day of your period, when an average woman will hatch an egg, or ovulate on about the 14th day, and survival time is up to a week, but is at it’s peak for 48 hours when insemination needs to occur.

Some women will ovulate either side of the 14 day period, but a blood test can be done by a doctor in the early part of your cycle, or you may wish to purchase one of the many home kits available for this purpose, to pick up changes in your hormones to tell you if you are ovulating.

Other reliable signs are vaginal secretions, which change in texture, increased temperature, a slight pain on one side, increased libido, or a pimple or tears.

The causes of infertility are very many and varied, but these suggestions will help ………. having a good healthy diet… plenty of exercise for you both… keeping stress to a minimum… and don’t forget to have lots of fun together while you keep on trying for your pregnancy miracle.

The best one thing that you can do at this moment is to purchase one of these excellent books on infertility, to start reading and following the system which has been set out for you.

1..Establish your reproductive system fully to create the optimal conditions for conception.

2..Focusing on your diet as well as vitamins and minerals. There is a list of foods and vitamins to enhance fertility in females.

3..Acupuncture, acupressure and traditional Chinese herbs can aid in getting pregnant.

4..Fasting and cleansing.

5..Sexual positions, timing, ovulation and sperm count are discussed.

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Overcoming Fertility Problems With Chinese Knowledge

overcoming fertility problems

Overcoming fertility problems, and  unexplained infertility is a major problem facing women today who are trying to get pregnant .

The treatment for overcoming fertility problems has been under research for many years, and since 200 AD there have been many ways to conceive and treat infertility.

Obviously this problem has been around forever, but only nowadays do we talk about these matters freely and we realize the enormity of the burden placed upon people.

There are now several methods of addressing this problem and the role of Chinese medicine is crucial when it comes to this health concern.  (On a lighter note, hasn’t there have been lots of babies born in China)??

There are wonderful pregnancy miracle review publications dealing with this subject and they are highly recommended if you are trying to conceive.

overcoming fertility problems

Chinese Herbs

For Overcoming

Fertility Problems

However, as far as research is concerned there is not one single reason in the causes of infertility, as it depends on countless factors

trying to get pregnant

Diagnosis might be required prior to the recommendation of certain herbs for infertility treatments, but a Chinese medical expert would have to determine first what deficiency, stagnancy, and heat the couple suffer from, so that the correct medication would be given.

For kidney and liver areas, Chinese herbs such as ginsent, tang-kuei, eclipta and epimedium can be prescribed, as these herbs can nourish the qi, blood, yin and yang respectively, and herbs such as these can address concerns such as aching legs and back, frequent urination, impotence, irregular body temperature, and irregular menstration.

Stagnancy pertains to the condition whereby the reproductive organs are functioning but not at par with what is required to conceive, and is best treated with Chinese herbs such as red peony, salvia carthamus and persica.

Hormonal problems belong to this group as well, and by taking these herbs the organ functions are restored, as well as bring back the hormonal levels to where they should be.

Stagnation is often characterized by tense muscles, tumors and swelling.

Heat issues are often treated with Chinese herbs such as gardenia, lonicera, partrinia and phellodendron, with heat being the most common culprit when organs function abnormally, and is also believed to be the root cause of overcoming fertility problems in men as well as female gynecologic infections.

Chinese bitters can be used in women trying to overcoming fertility problems to help with too much moisture in the body, especially overweight people when you are trying to get pregnant.

pregnancy miracle reviewFor men a Chinese formulation called Lui Di Huang can be taken to help with low sperm count and low fluid volume when ejaculating.

Other infertility treatments for those trying to get pregnant are acupuncture, and an energy healing exercise that enhances the flow of specific meridians around the body named Qi Gung, and is a dance-like movement that oxygenates the blood.

Tang Kwei Pill Formula for female infertility can be used as a daily supplement, and can help treat menstrual irregularities, palpitations, and most of all infertility.

Take four to six tablets twice a day on an empty stomach, for a minimum of one month up to a maximum of eleven months.

Chinese bitters and coptis have been proven to be effective to overcoming fertility problems, for those who suffer from amenorrhea, and can help to improve menstruations, as it exerts downward pressure, which helps in the fertilizing process of the ovum to get it implanted in the uterus, and this medicine should be taken in the first half of your menstruation cycle.

Pregnancy Books On Overcoming Fertility Problemsovercoming fertility problems

Make sure you get plenty of good advice from a pregnancy miracle review book on all these matters, and above all else –  do not self diagnose and self prescribe –  as you could be wasting precious time until you can hold your own real live baby.

This pregnancy miracle book written by Lisa Olsen focuses a lot on the Chinese way of becoming pregnant by helping your body to readjust and become fertile, so do yourself a favour and download the book and start on the methods and system before another day escapes. You will thank me and yourself in time to come with overcoming your fertility problems.