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Young Women Smokers Risk Infertility While Trying To Get Pregnant

Here we are again, trying to unscramble the many reasons why trying to get pregnant eludes so many women around the world today.pregnancy miracle review books

Puffing on a cigarette while trying to get pregnant is yet another reason, and the crazy thing is that many people believe smoking while trying to conceive helps them to relax, but in fact it has the opposite effect with heart beats increasing, and stress levels rising, and imagine the panic attacks when the cigarettes run out.

As smoking is such a world wide issue, and younger and younger people are taking up the habit one has to wonder when all the publicity shows that it is just harmful, why do we not heed warnings when there is not one positive aspect about smoking, and let’s not get into the cost, either monetary or the cost to your body ??.

This report is well worth reading if you are a smoker and trying to get pregnant.

The Dangers Of Smoking

While Trying To Get Pregnant

An alarming report printed in “THE TIMES OF INDIA” BANGALORE INDIA on 31st May 2012

Young women smokers risk infertility
Hetal Vyas, TNN May 31, 2012, 02.02AM IST

BANGALORE: Be it emotional burden, failed relationship, work stress or just peer pressure, women in the city want to blow it away with a puff of a cigarette.

It is believed that smoking is prevalent only amongst elite and highly educated women, but doctors in the city say that smoking is being considered fashionable amongst middle class women, especially in their 20s, and the effect of smoking while trying to conceive is yet to be discovered by them.

Oncologists and gynaecologists say that about 20% women in India are addicted to tobacco (chewing and smoking).

What is more threatening is the age group of women addicted to tobacco, which has come down significantly.

What are the smoking pros and cons, especially while trying to get pregnant, is there a positive one?

This also poses a threat to the fertility in women who are trying to get pregnant, say doctors.

“There has been a cultural shift in India.

More and more women are taking up smoking for various reasons and sometimes for no particular reason, which is even more sad of you are trying to get pregnant.

Today, many young girls see their mother or some elderly woman in the family smoking and take it up at young age.

Tobacco consumption can directly affect a woman’s fertility.

It also increases the risk of miscarriage,” says Dr Pratima Murthy, professor of psychiatry and head of the de-addiction department, Nimhans.

Explaining the effects of tobacco consumption, Dr Kamini Rao, chairman, Bangalore Assisted Reproductive Center, says: “The female to male relative risk ratio for smoking is about 25:1, thus it puts women at a higher risk while trying to get pregnant.

Nicotine in tobacco can directly affect the chromosome and lead to infertility.

smoking 2

It can be a reason behind premature labour and child’s quality of life may suffer if the mother is a smoker.

Child may also born mentally retarded.”

Says Dr Ganesh Vashishta, chief medical oncologist, BGS Global Hospitals: “In several awareness programmes I have addressed in the city, I have observed that around 25% of the audience were women in the age group of 20 -30 who were smokers.

The reasons quoted for smoking included work pressure, and also a belief that smoking would help them lose weight.

Though these educated young women are aware of the ill-effects of smoking, they believe that smoking 1-2 mild cigarettes is safe.

However this is not true, it can have the same ill-effects as the regular cigarettes as they take a deeper puff.”

“Smoking is the reason behind increase in cases of lung and cervical cancer amongst women. Not only does it harm the woman but also the child. Work-related stress has pushed many women to smoking, but they don’t know that smoking actually adds to stress and increases the risk of heart and kidney failure,” says Dr Gayathri Karthik, obstetrician and gynecologist, Manipal Hospital.

An alarming report printed in “THE TIMES OF INDIA” BANGALORE INDIA on 31st May 2012 as further evidence that women may be unwittingly contributing to their failure when trying to conceive whilst still of child-bearing age.

How tragic can this be as the simple addictive smoking habit can have this effect and result??

Trying to get pregnant


Help Is At Hand To Quit Smoking Especially Whilst Trying To Get Pregnant

Having read all of the above, the only help or advice to anyone who still ‘enjoys’ smoking is get help to quit if you are not able to go cold turkey !!!!, which shows that you mean business.

There are excellent ways to quit smoking, either in tablet form, patches, sprays, gum or a miriad of ways which the pharmacist or doctor will help you find one that will be suitable for you.

Do you really want a drug in control of you ? or would you rather be in control ? and don’t fall for the lie that it will help keep you slim, but maybe it will if you never have the opportunity to become a mother.

Please seriously consider downloading one of these excellent pregnancy miracle review books that are available here on these blogs, just by clicking on the images or links, and you will see how by changing things in your life you may find the help you need in trying to get pregnant.

Best wishes as you endeavor to break this habit, continue trying to get pregnant, and bring a very wanted baby into this world!!