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Overcoming Fertility Problems In A Beautiful Unique Way.

fertility problemsIsn’t it amazing how sometimes when you read a book which you enjoy immensely, it stays with you, and ‘haunts’ your thoughts in a lovely way, thinking about and feeling part of the story for ages after, but that is the power of a great storyteller, and a theme about fertility problems which presses your buttons.

I have experienced that sensation lately, with a story about a couple who had been married for several years, had undergone the usual tests and nothing was found amiss with either of them, but falling pregnant was denied them, owing to their own fertility problems

As a child the woman had experienced a bad upbringing with a mother who had sent her out on the streets as a little girl to buy her drugs,  and had subsequently died –  but the woman was not keen to adopt, as not knowing who her father was, she hungered after a blood relative.

A Friend Overcoming Her Fertility Problems.

In the meantime their friends who had their own fertility problems had adopted a baby,  and were so unbelievably happy for 3 months with this precious bundle, but then the unimaginable happened, the parents of the child claimed it back as they were marrying, making this woman more determined than ever not to adopt.

As the months went on and her unexplained fertility hadn’t changed, she heard through a friend about a 14 year old who was pregnant, (who obviously had NO fertility problems) had had a similar upbringing to herself, and was just so angry at everyone and everything, because her heart needed to hear that someone loved her for who she was.

She belatedly moves into the apartment with this couple, with the proviso that when she delivered the baby they would keep it, (she had made it clear that she had no means of support, and wasn’t about to claim it as had happened to their friends), and she would just go on to her  ‘no life’ as before.

As the months progress and the women both attended clinics, scans etc, the older woman had trouble getting close to this teenager, so there was always this invisible wall between them.

On night after the girl hears a conversation through the bedroom door of the couple, which was not complimentary to her, she packs up her things, gets her meagre  savings together, (some of the money which she had previously stolen) and takes off to sleep in a boat moored in the harbor, belonging to a friend,  (which they had previously experienced a wonderful day out in.

unexplained fertility

Pregnant teenager.

Tragically, while she was walking along the docks in the dead of night, she was mugged and finished up in hospital.

Life resumed back to how it was in the apartment, with the bruises healing, but not her battered heart, as the woman only seemed to concentrate on the forthcoming baby, making the young girl feel that all she was, was a vehicle to produce their baby, and she could soon leave.

However a few weeks before her due date she suffers acute pain in the stomach, feeling guilty, and blaming it onto the fact that the two women had just had a blow up and she had ranted about wishing the baby wasn’t there, and how she hated it.

It soon became obvious that she was in labor with water escaping, so off they hurry into the hospital, but when she revealed that the baby hadn’t moved for 2 days, and they could see the color of the leaking water, all hopes were dashed, knowing that the little one was dead.

A caesarian was performed immediately and this beautifully formed but lifeless little baby girl was brought into the world.

She was wrapped up, named and they all spent time with her, before handing her over to the undertakers.

A fulfilling way to overcoming her fertility problems

It was at this momentous point in time that the woman who had gone through so much with this troubled teen realized just how much she had come to love her, just for herself, and didn’t want to part with her.

In time they adopt her for their own, and have the child that they had longed for despite their fertility problems.

The book finished up with 3 years having passed, –  the family excitedly looking through the new house they had just bought, the now 17yr old girl surveying her own bedroom, plus the joy of 2 year old twins running through the home with her, (who also had been adopted).

The last word is left to the Mother of these 3 fortunate children, “This wasn’t how the story was supposed to be, …… so we just had to write another story”.

pregnancy miracle

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In closing, this is just a novel, but I would suspect this story has taken place in many homes where fertility problems and solutions  seem very hard to overcome, around this vast world, and will continue to do so. There are so many facets in fertility problems in men, fertility problems after miscarriage, or even fertility problems after first child.

Maybe adoption can be an answer for you as it was for us many years ago when we adopted a 3 month old boy, who now is a father long since himself. Perhaps you have had to write a different story to the one you dreamed of from a little girl, which can make life quite interesting at times, and as with bringing up any child there are highs and lows, but in the end it is all worth it.

Also you should download one of these excellent books which will have lots of hints and tips on ancient pregnancy cures, which you can find on these pages, which heaps of women have already and maybe give you the answers to why your body acts in the way it does, and you will thank me for it later.!!!!


Bless you in your endeavors, and may your baby be a reality when you overcome your fertility problems!!





The Facts About The Causes Of Infertility!

causes of infertility

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It would seem that along with a lot of other problems and diseases that are on the march in our countries, the causes of infertility are growing also and trying to conceive is a big issue for lots of loving married couples all around the world today.

In the year of 2000 one in ten couples who were trying to become pregnant were declared infertile, and now we have reached and passed that date by many years, and the figures are at a staggering (to me anyhow), one in six couples, and soon if the trend continues it could be as high as one in three, imagine that!!

If after 12 months of unprotected intercourse a baby is not on the way, infertility would be assumed.

In most countries, couples are able to get help for their causes of infertility, or lack of success when trying to conceive with assistance in the form of IVF under the Public Health System.

Basic knowledge on the causes of infertility.

There are also many good publications about natural infertility treatment that may be extremely helpful, and certainly worth exploring.

So is this a good thing or not?

Well one would have to think that it certainly appeals to many couples by looking at how many people ( and how many folk do you know, or know of ) who have gone down this path.

If you are over 35 years of age, have been living a good healthy lifestyle and been having intercourse at the right time each month with no success, well surely you are ready for some help.

It is also helpful to combine the medical intervention with natural means, acupuncture, and naturopathy, to help the body to function how it is meant to.


causes of infertilityOn the other side of the story, it would seem that IVF has become almost too readily available for some couples, ie some who are a bit ignorant of their bodies, and lack knowledge about falling pregnant.

I would believe that basic education is needed and has not been offered to some couples about the availability of pregnancy miracle books and natural infertility treatment to begin with to explain the causes of infertility.

Apparently many couples are turning up at IVF clinics, and really all they need is information on where and when women are fertile during their menstrual cycle, seems amazing that in this day and age women can be ignorant as was the case 50 years ago, when ‘things’ of that nature were not even spoken about, and half of the time I had to wonder if mothers themselves even knew too much about how the body works, and how they even really became pregnant, getting very unhelpful information from them that you could get pregnant off the toilet seat. I know that my introduction was very sketchy, with a “Talk to Girls” program at school one night. The boys had a different night, (would imagine the Mums were happy at that one)

It was reported that in Melbourne at two IVF clinics a study found that only 13% of women had a good understanding of when they were fertile in their cycle, while an amazing 53% had a poor understanding and 11% had no understanding at all, which meant that their causes of infertility was in some cases just due to basic knowledge of their bodies.

Knowing your body better and eliminating some of the causes of infertility.

Day 1 of your cycle is the first day of your period, when an average woman will hatch an egg, or ovulate on about the 14th day, and survival time is up to a week, but is at it’s peak for 48 hours when insemination needs to occur.

Some women will ovulate either side of the 14 day period, but a blood test can be done by a doctor in the early part of your cycle, or you may wish to purchase one of the many home kits available for this purpose, to pick up changes in your hormones to tell you if you are ovulating.

Other reliable signs are vaginal secretions, which change in texture, increased temperature, a slight pain on one side, increased libido, or a pimple or tears.

The causes of infertility are very many and varied, but these suggestions will help ………. having a good healthy diet… plenty of exercise for you both… keeping stress to a minimum… and don’t forget to have lots of fun together while you keep on trying for your pregnancy miracle.

The best one thing that you can do at this moment is to purchase one of these excellent books on infertility, to start reading and following the system which has been set out for you.

1..Establish your reproductive system fully to create the optimal conditions for conception.

2..Focusing on your diet as well as vitamins and minerals. There is a list of foods and vitamins to enhance fertility in females.

3..Acupuncture, acupressure and traditional Chinese herbs can aid in getting pregnant.

4..Fasting and cleansing.

5..Sexual positions, timing, ovulation and sperm count are discussed.

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