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Overcoming Fertility Problems With Chinese Knowledge

overcoming fertility problems

Overcoming fertility problems, and  unexplained infertility is a major problem facing women today who are trying to get pregnant .

The treatment for overcoming fertility problems has been under research for many years, and since 200 AD there have been many ways to conceive and treat infertility.

Obviously this problem has been around forever, but only nowadays do we talk about these matters freely and we realize the enormity of the burden placed upon people.

There are now several methods of addressing this problem and the role of Chinese medicine is crucial when it comes to this health concern.  (On a lighter note, hasn’t there have been lots of babies born in China)??

There are wonderful pregnancy miracle review publications dealing with this subject and they are highly recommended if you are trying to conceive.

overcoming fertility problems

Chinese Herbs

For Overcoming

Fertility Problems

However, as far as research is concerned there is not one single reason in the causes of infertility, as it depends on countless factors

trying to get pregnant

Diagnosis might be required prior to the recommendation of certain herbs for infertility treatments, but a Chinese medical expert would have to determine first what deficiency, stagnancy, and heat the couple suffer from, so that the correct medication would be given.

For kidney and liver areas, Chinese herbs such as ginsent, tang-kuei, eclipta and epimedium can be prescribed, as these herbs can nourish the qi, blood, yin and yang respectively, and herbs such as these can address concerns such as aching legs and back, frequent urination, impotence, irregular body temperature, and irregular menstration.

Stagnancy pertains to the condition whereby the reproductive organs are functioning but not at par with what is required to conceive, and is best treated with Chinese herbs such as red peony, salvia carthamus and persica.

Hormonal problems belong to this group as well, and by taking these herbs the organ functions are restored, as well as bring back the hormonal levels to where they should be.

Stagnation is often characterized by tense muscles, tumors and swelling.

Heat issues are often treated with Chinese herbs such as gardenia, lonicera, partrinia and phellodendron, with heat being the most common culprit when organs function abnormally, and is also believed to be the root cause of overcoming fertility problems in men as well as female gynecologic infections.

Chinese bitters can be used in women trying to overcoming fertility problems to help with too much moisture in the body, especially overweight people when you are trying to get pregnant.

pregnancy miracle reviewFor men a Chinese formulation called Lui Di Huang can be taken to help with low sperm count and low fluid volume when ejaculating.

Other infertility treatments for those trying to get pregnant are acupuncture, and an energy healing exercise that enhances the flow of specific meridians around the body named Qi Gung, and is a dance-like movement that oxygenates the blood.

Tang Kwei Pill Formula for female infertility can be used as a daily supplement, and can help treat menstrual irregularities, palpitations, and most of all infertility.

Take four to six tablets twice a day on an empty stomach, for a minimum of one month up to a maximum of eleven months.

Chinese bitters and coptis have been proven to be effective to overcoming fertility problems, for those who suffer from amenorrhea, and can help to improve menstruations, as it exerts downward pressure, which helps in the fertilizing process of the ovum to get it implanted in the uterus, and this medicine should be taken in the first half of your menstruation cycle.

Pregnancy Books On Overcoming Fertility Problemsovercoming fertility problems

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