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Getting Pregnant- But Are You Too Healthy For IVF?


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How crazy is it that we can be too healthy for getting pregnant, or falling pregnant, but that is what happens with our bodies when our immune system is too healthy, and consistently rejecting any invading cells, including the fathers’ genes.

Doctors have found that they can significantly improve the chances of trying to conceive and women getting pregnant by weakening the immune system, which already has natural killer cells that protects against invasion and infection.

 Getting Pregnant Can Sometimes

Be The Easiest Part.


When a woman is trying against all odds in trying to conceive and getting pregnant, or to keep the baby from aborting, causing a miscarriage, it seems that there is hope for a number of women who “suffer” from this dilemma, as doctors are now prescribing blood-thinning medications and also steroids as a radical new treatment for repeated miscarriage and IVF failures, and apparently this is about 15-25% of women who have high levels of Natural Killer cells, detected through a simple blood test.

The low dose of steroid and blood-thinning medication are safe, cheap and available, and the best part is is that they work helping women who have difficulty getting pregnant. These medications are taken from the start of the ovulation cycle, until the third month of the pregnancy.

In a study recently undertaken, 86 per cent of women under 38 years, who had a high count of these Natural Killer cells, were able to give birth to a live baby, how exciting is this !!!

Any hope is great news when you ache, as I heard a lady on T.V. the other night saying that she couldn’t wait to hear someone call her “Mummy” – pregnancy – is such a beautiful thing that so many people take for granted, and any tips for getting pregnant is welcomed by all.

Just A Bit More Striking Information For Getting Pregnant.

I just hope that this piece of information on the subject of getting pregnant is of use to you as you read this, and further check it out with your Doctor, who would be aware of what the antibodies can do in your body.

As we travel life’s pathways we seem to find all the time and read where new things have been discovered about things in general, and especially about how our so finely tuned our bodies are and how they work, or in some cases do not work how they should. Possibly the last 50 or so years there have been the biggest breakthroughs or knowledge in science since the beginning of creation. Makes one wonder how much more will be discovered, as long as it is all to the good and uncover hidden things which have been holding up peoples dreams, like giving birth to another precious life.

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Bless you as you pursue the pathway to being a MUM.